Jesse’s Story


I accepted Jesus as my savior at the age of 9.   While sitting in church I felt the Holy Spirit rush into me and walked forward to let everyone know what had just happened.  There’s more to that story so ask!  My parents took us to church faithfully and I grew up singing in the choir and participating in youth activities.

            In college I occasionally attended the Methodist, Baptist or an independent church with some of my friends and my walk with Christ stalled some.  About my Junior year God put a young lady in my path that helped me learn that Jesus as my savior was the start not the end.  I begin attending Aldersgate UMC, listening to contemporary Christian Music and began to make Jesus my Lord as well.  I began to become a “practicing Christian.”

            I’ve learned the denominations are man-made and they don’t matter much to me.  I’ve stayed active in churches where God has led us.  God used me to help start a crisis pregnancy center in Baytown Texas, helped start what is now Lighthouse Community Church in Des Moines Iowa, serve as an elder in two churches in two denominations, lead small groups, sing and play on worship teams and do whatever else a servant does when the master calls.

            I’m still a work in progress with many flaws, scars, and of little strength.  My commitment is to serve and live as best I can while clinging to Jesus like the small children who cling to the parents as they come home from war!

-Jesse James Jackson Jr